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DSM in Medical

Drug delivery

DSM develops and formulates implantable drug delivery systems made of bioresorbable polymers that release precise quantities of therapeutic agents gradually over time. Through strategic alliances and co-development programs, we enable medical device and biopharmaceutical companies to maximize value of their products by incorporating our novel drug delivery technology.
Resorbable materials

The DSM drug delivery platform delivers compounds to precise sites in the body over the optimal period of time determined for specific agents. Our portfolio of proprietary, advanced resorbable materials provides the foundation that enables biopharmaceutical companies to design a unique drug delivery system for a specific application.

All of our materials are designed to handle specific drug payloads, to release and degrade based on a requisite customizable profile. Our resorbable materials help our customers develop a system in which the materials are easily introduced to the target tissue alone or in combination with a device. These amino-acid based drug delivery systems offer exceptional control of drug release from several days to multiple months. They are suitable for delivery of small molecules and biologics and their strong safety profile has been demonstrated in preclinical and clinical testing.

Injectable and implantable drug delivery

Our resorbable polyesteramide (PEA) chemistry can be formulated into a wide variety of forms to deliver drugs in various parts of the body. The forms and formulation can be tailored to release as required for the particular active ingredient.

Our drug delivery portfolio encompasses both our proprietary material platforms and our extensive library of synthesis methods, formulation and processing techniques: All of which makes it easier for our customers to create a drug delivery system specific to their needs.

Release profiles

Multi-day release profile

For shorter term drug delivery requirements, our polyesteramide (PEA) delivery platform can be formulated to meet biopharmaceutical companies’ specifications to deliver a drug for a period of several days. Ideal for applications such as post-operative pain management.

Multi-month release profile

For applications where long-term delivery of drugs is needed, our PEA delivery platform can be formulated into forms that will elute drug for a period of months. This can be especially beneficial for ongoing applications such as chronic pain or arthritis treatments.


We can provide our resorbable materials in various forms, including:


We formulate microparticles and nanoparticles to meet a variety of delivery challenges. Particle size can be closely controlled with minimal variation. These forms can be delivered to a wide range of sites with broad applicability to different tissue types;


Our PEA delivery platform can be extruded to combine with difficult or less soluble active agents. The resulting fibers or rods can be injected for sustained local delivery. These forms offer high loading capacities and longer delivery times;

Film, electrospun mats

Our implantable films can deliver across a wide range of timeframes as needed – as can electrospun mats. Direct or laparoscopical implantation can be beneficial for surgical settings;


DSM resorbable PEA polymers are a good delivery mechanism for drug-eluting stents because they are suitable for coating onto metal and other substrates. Once implanted, the material can elute drug over time while it degrades. The release rate can be tightly controlled, enabling a wide range of functional medical devices from infection control on implants to delivery vehicles associated with long-term structural implants.


  • Delivers small molecules and biologics; amino acid composition facilitates loading of biologics;
  • Controlled degradation kinetics; enzymatic surface erosion instead of bulk erosion;
  • Hydrolytically stable;
  • Initial formulation and incorporation of therapeutic agent performed by in-house formulation experts;
  • Tunable degradation/release profiles from days to multi-months;
  • Flexibility in form – gels, mesh and film/coating;
  • Broadly applicable across a variety of therapeutic compounds (small molecules to biologics);
  • Designed and optimized for a specific compound or device;
  • Biocompatible and non-inflammatory;
  • FDA Master File.


  • Drug delivery systems for delivery of pain, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial drugs and device combinations;
  • Drug-eluting stents;
  • Local sustained release of therapeutics to a wide range of tissues.
  • Drug delivery systems customized for specific applications using a wide range of APIs.

DSM Biomedical materials are available only direct through DSM Biomedical.