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DSM in Outdoor Power Equipment

Engine covers

Another area where we’ve applied bright science from our many years’ experience of the automotive is in engine covers. Akulon® Ultraflow polyamide 6 is glass-reinforced, tough and durable, heat resistant over time, and crucially for this segment, it looks good with excellent surface aesthetics. It’s also easy to process and, as the name suggests has excellent flow properties which in turn reduces cycle time.
Front of a red car

Meanwhile the increase in engine temperature is putting increased demands on the materials used to fabricate the components in the engine compartment – which is why we developed Stanyl and Akulon Diablo.

These high heat resistant thermoplastics products can withstand extreme heat for extremely long periods: For example, Stanyl Diablo can take 230 degrees C for thousands of hours without significant loss of it properties; meanwhile Akulon Diablo will perform at temperatures up to 210 degrees C for the long haul. All of which makes these product ideal for engine covers, components for the engine cooling system and other under the hood components.

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