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DSM in Outdoor Power Equipment

Trimmer lines

Looking further ahead, another interesting application for our plastics in wear and friction applications is trimmer lines.
Man holding a trimmer line

Not only do we have a solid track record in MONOfilament technology but we offer very high-quality materials. Our Akulon polyamide 6 and 66 both offer a superb balance of properties. Our co-polyamide Novamid® 6/66 offers outstanding bending softness and strength, while in polyamide 6/6T it offers excellent stiffness and moisture resistance.

And then finally we have our newest green plastic EcoPaxx™ - which is 70% bio-based and retains its high-performance properties under moist conditions as well as extreme heat.

DSM Polyamide Portfolio

  • Akulon® PA6: Balanced properties, among the best quality PA6 polymers in the market;
  • Akulon® PA66: Balanced properties, low friction and less moisture absorption compared to PA6;
  • Novamid® PA6/66: Excellent in bending softness, tenacity, knot strength, and transparency;
  • Novamid® PA6/6T: High tenacity and stiffness, less property loss under moisture condition, small diameters;
  • EcoPaXX® PA410: Elevated modulus, higher melting temperatures, lower moisture uptake.

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