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DSM in Outdoor Power Equipment

At the cutting edge of innovation

From chainsaws to trimmers, the trends in handheld Outdoor Power Equipment are clear. In the professional sector, higher performance and lower emissions are the key; while for the consumer market it’s increasingly about price.
Man cutting branch with chain saw

A continuous drive towards higher performance, weight reduction and lower emissions – which of course drive cost efficiencies - are the key drivers in the professional market. Meanwhile high performance at a cost competitive price and the drive towards electric powered equipment dominate the agenda for consumers.

Our response to both challenges is to use plastic solutions in ever smarter and creative ways to meet the changing demands of manufacturers and users.

Replacing metal with plastic is an easy way to reduce weight, which means workers can work for longer. From covers, body and crankshaft, our materials are lighter yet very durable with a beautiful finish. New material developments even allow thinner wall thicknesses of parts already produced in plastic. They also support another key emerging trend – the electrification of handheld Outdoor Power Equipment and the need heat management.

Reducing System Costs

Perhaps most importantly, through smarter design and more efficient production – for example, our plastics can be molded three different ways (injection, blow- and rotomoulding) - it’s also possible to reduce system costs. And as we all know, in consumer markets especially, the ability to deliver a high quality product at the lowest price will continue to define success.

The mission to reduce emissions

The other great business driver in the handheld Outdoor Power Equipment segment (in fact most Outdoor Power Equipment segments) is the need to lower evaporative fuel emissions. In the US especially we see the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and CARB introduce legislation regulating emissions from small petrol engines.