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DSM in Outdoor Power Equipment

Making the machine

Recreational vehicles like snowmobiles and jet skis have grown hugely in popularity and are now an important part of the Outdoor Power Equipment market. The challenge now? Building high power machines quickly and efficiently that look as good as they feel – while meeting tough fuel engine emission targets.
Man on snowmobile

When it comes to recreational vehicles we all know that looks are important. Consumers take great pride in their prized possessions; while for brand owners aesthetics are equally important in showing off their products in their best light.

The need for pliable, versatile materials that are easy to process and can be integrated into existing production techniques is essential for an industry governed both by fast production cycles and the need to continue innovating. And of course, there’s the ever-present need for products that are affordable for the consumer…

Which is where plastics come into the picture. From intake manifolds to housing to under-the-hood applications, to body parts, our materials and expertise help customers make recreational vehicles that outshine their predecessors.

Fuel for thought

Like the other Outdoor Power Equipment segments, the recreational space is governed by the imperative to reduce evaporative emissions in fuel tanks – namely, fuel tanks that provide outstanding, guaranteed barrier performance over time.

We’re well placed to meet this challenge with our Akulon® Fuel Lock solution. It’s a high-performance material superior to metals and plastics in many respects.

It’s also simpler to produce, for example through the ability to use three types of molding techniques (blow/injection/rotational) all with one monomaterial.

All of which equates to not just great choice but greater cost efficiency…


High impact activities conducted in often sub-freezing temperatures call for the most durable and reliable of performance materials - like Akulon® polyamide 6. When used for snowmobile covers and housings this material can withstand a drop test at -30 degrees and maintain high performance over time.

Just as importantly, it has excellent surface characteristics – it holds paint very well and looks good – crucial for snowmobile owners who take a great pride in their products: And indeed for manufacturers from a branding perspective.

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