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DSM in Outdoor Power Equipment

Tank Systems: Full of ideas

Tank Systems – whether fuel tanks or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) tanks – represent a major opportunity for manufacturers serving transport industries. The need to reduce emissions through the use of less permeable materials in fuel tanks is a given; but increasingly we are seeing growth in natural gas tanks around the world that take advantage of local, natural resources.
Handing over a fuel tank

When it comes to Tank Systems (and indeed the transport industry as a whole) we know more than most. In fact DSM has worked with many of the world’s leading OEMS and processors on a huge range of solutions, all based on applying performance materials in new and creative ways. And it’s from here that we’ve taken inspiration for Tank Systems in the Outdoor Power Equipment sector.

In the case of Fuel Tank Systems, The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set the global standard by limiting the quantity of hydrocarbon permeation allowed to pass through the wall of a small engine fuel tank to 1.5 grams per square meter of internal tank area per day at 28 degrees C; or 2.5 grams per square meter per day at 40 degrees C.

New tanks must comply with the permeation requirements for five years (more than double the duration of the previous standard).

It means fuel tanks that provide outstanding, guaranteed barrier performance over time – and are able to cope with the regulations becoming even tighter as petroleum gives way to biofuel. It’s something we know quite a bit about at DSM.

Next generation needs

As gasoline (petrol) becomes more scarce and expensive, the trend towards fuel made from renewable sources (corn) will drive even tighter performance requirements for fuel engines – all of which we are well placed to meet with our Akulon® Fuel Lock solution.

But we are not just able to provide the next-generation materials to meet this next-generation need. We can also bring our design experience to bear in helping to redesign and re-imagine the fuel tank. In fact most of our commercialized solutions are compatible with existing tooling and machinery. All of which equates to not just great choice but greater cost efficiency…