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DSM in Outdoor Power Equipment


We offer a comprehensive portfolio of materials for the Outdoor Power Equipment market.
Akulon logo

Akulon is a PA6 and PA66 thermoplastic used in everything from fuel tanks to engine covers. More>

Stanyl logo

Stanyl is an extremely hard-wearing, heat-resistant PA46 thermoplastic used for friction reduction in Outdoor Power Equipment applications.

EcoPaXX logo

EcoPaXX is 70 percent bio-based thermoplastic that’s completely carbon neutral and built using castor oil.

Arnitel logo

Arnitel is a thermoplastic elastomer. As such it combines the easy process of Thermoplastics with the elasticity of a rubber.

Arnite logo

Arnite offers a unique range of properties including chemical and thermal resistance, flame retardance, dimensional stability, excellent mechanical properties with good surface quality. More>

Novamid logo

Novamid® offers you a broad range of excellent properties from superior impact strength and excellent abrasion resistance, to high heat resistance and self-extinguishing capabilities. More>

Novamid logo

Xytron is based on PPS (polyphenylene sulphide) and with its outstanding properties contributing to an excellent performance for many applications. More>

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