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DSM in Outdoor Power Equipment

Arnitel : Putting manufacturers in the driving seat

Arnitel® offers a unique range of properties including chemical and thermal resistance, flame retardance – and excellent mechanical properties.

Arnitel is a thermoplastic elastomer. As such it combines the easy process of Thermoplastics with the elasticity of a rubber.

Arnitel is extensively used in applications over a very wide range of temperatures. Arnitel retains its mechanical properties at very low temperatures of -45°C right up to 150°C. Arnitel is the material of choice when it comes to life saving applications at critically low temperatures.

Arnitel can withstand very high burst pressures  (related to the yield stress of the material) and retains its properties better at higher temperatures than competitive materials such as PA12.

Arnitel has very good chemical resistance, especially to automotive greases and oils – which of course makes it ideal for related applications. This is especially true for components that have to perform at high temperatures, like cable ties, fuel lines, and hydraulic tubes and hoses.

Arnitel can be over-molded on other plastics to give a soft-touch feel combined with good mechanical properties, and for enhancing grip to improve torsion transport. Overmolding with Arnitel is also used for sound dampening applications such as in door latches.