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DSM in Outdoor Power Equipment

Stanyl® Polyamide 46: If you can’t stand the heat…

Stanyl® is a high-performance polyamide 46 that retains its mechanical properties at temperatures of up to 230 degrees C - long term. It offers excellent stiffness at elevated temperatures plus extended fatigue endurance and outstanding wear resistance – perfect for friction reduction applications as well as harsh agricultural and construction environments.

Increasingly, Outdoor Power Equipment components need to perform at a high level - and at ever higher temperatures (in excess of 230 degrees C). Stany is therefore ideal for under-the-hood components thanks to its ability to outlast metal and other traditional materials.

It also provides excellent wear and friction resistance - in timing chain tensioners for example -and equally good abrasion resistance for moving parts – such as harvester forks. All of which makes it an ideal replacement for PPA, PA6T, PA9T and often PPS and LCP.

The higher the temperature, the tougher the environment…the more vibration…the more value you get from the performance of Stanyl.