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DSM in Outdoor Power Equipment

Services in Outdoor Power Equipment

We are a world leader in Materials Sciences. But we’re more than just a materials manufacturer. In fact we offer you a range of services at every stage of the Outdoor Power Equipment product lifecycle – from application support to design and process engineering – wherever in the world you may be.
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We don’t just understand materials, we understand applications – and when it comes to application support you need a joined up approach. We bring value to three key phases:

Conceptual development: We will work with you to take an idea from its earliest concept through to drawings – creating a solution that can be carried forward.

Application Development & Technical Services: We understand the Outdoor Power Equipment products and components that are materials help create – along with the underlying processes. Here we help you refine and improve your solution through to mass production.

Troubleshooting: We support you during the production process, helping to solve problems and find more efficient ways of working.

The ‘A’ team

When it comes to solving mechanical problems relating to plastic materials, our dedicated Research team of experts works with customers on mechanical characterization and in-depth knowledge of the relationships between structure and properties in any given application.

Our mantra? "Measure, understand, predict". You can turn to us for a reliable mechanical measurement at any loading condition or testing speed, according to specific standards or according to your own specification – but also for expert interpretation of the results of these measurements in terms of molecular structure or morphology of the materials.