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DSM in Packaging & Graphic Arts

Functional food packaging: What’s in store?

Of course all packaging fulfills some kind of function but when it comes to functional food packaging we are upping the stakes with some fascinating innovations based on performance materials that deliver unique benefits. Take a look for yourself.
Man holding a cooking bag with chicken inside while woman points

Cooking bag

Reliable plastics that provide convenience and safety with more taste, less waste.


ies on a panliner on an oven tray

Pan liners

Heat-resistant materials for pan liners used for storing hot food…that don’t stick.


Refrigerated shelves in a supermarket

Freezer to oven bags

Not many materials function perfectly from below zero to over 200 degrees c. Ours do.


cked cheese in Pack-Age solution on shelf


A breakthrough, breathable packaging concept for ripening cheese that reduces waste.


Empty sausage casing

Sausage casings

Our materials give a deeper, richer flavor to smokable sausages.