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DSM in Packaging & Graphic Arts

From one extreme to the other…

Freezer to oven bags made from our high-performance materials are a unique concept in food packaging. It’s the ultimate in convenience for consumers leading busier lifestyles.
Refrigerated shelves in a supermarket

The freezer to oven bag is an innovation developed with our customer and partner M&Q Packaging*.

Most traditional packaging materials simply cannot cope with being frozen and then loaded, into a bag and heated up to 200c. Fortunately, our Arnitel® Eco elastomer can handle the workload. At extremely low temperatures, remains flexible and doesn’t break or puncture – a crucial property when you consider that every time this happens it causes the manufacturer significant cost (not to mention being extremely wasteful and thus unsustainable).

Meanwhile, when it goes into the oven the bag preserves the contents perfectly as it cooks, holding in the flavor without sticking to the content, and of course it keeps the oven clean - which is why we’re seeing both industrial and consumer applications for this exciting concept.

Next on our agenda? One idea under consideration is the ‘fry tray’ - a freezer to oven application also made out of Arnitel. Simply roll up your frozen food in the tray and put it in the freezer. When the time comes, remove the tray with contents still inside, and roll it out in the oven for cooking. The food cooks perfectly and consumers don’t even burn their fingers when taking the fry tray out of the oven!

* M&Q Packaging Corporation is a division of M&Q Plastic Products