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DSM in Packaging & Graphic Arts

Pan liners that don’t stick? A piece of cake

How do you manufacture pan liners that don’t stick to hot food? Enter Arnitel® Eco, a unique bio-based material from DSM that offers excellent strength and processing characteristics.

Pan liners have a multitude of uses – both at the consumer and business levels.

Used to prepare, cook and serve food, pan liners must be able to withstand extreme temperatures. If not, the hot food sticks to the pan and what’s left can look somewhat unappealing. Because Arnitel Eco is made from rapeseed oil it doesn’t stick to hot food and functions perfectly well at temperatures of more than 200 degrees c.

What’s more it’s kinder to the environment. Being made from rapeseed oil Arnitel Eco has a carbon footprint that’s 40% lower than oil-based equivalent materials – a major advantage for anyone looking for a more sustainable solution.