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DSM in Packaging & Graphic Arts

Industrial packaging: Unveiling new opportunities

From breathable materials that protect packaged contents from damp and moisture to tough, flexible plastics that safeguard chemicals and other harmful materials…we’re working harder than ever to help the industrial packaging sector solve its challenges.
Woman wrapping a red box

The world’s continued industrialization means we need a greater quality and quantity of packaging. Here are just two examples of how DSM is working with the packaging industry to provide new solutions.

Containing chemicals

In industrial packaging our Akulon® polyamides are today being used for a variety of multi-layer barrier applications in the chemical and agricultural sectors worldwide.

They provide an outstanding balance of chemical, puncture and abrasion resistance, along with great dimensional stability and consistent processing. All of which makes these materials ideal for containing hazardous industrial materials in a wide range of applications, from blow-molded chemical bottles to bubble wrap to Scott's fertilizer bags.

Intelligent materials for industrial packaging

In the business-to-business world we believe there’s major potential for functional packaging where none currently exists. For example, millions of dollars of precious product is wasted and spoiled each year due to environmental damage during transit or storage.

Tough, flexible and breathable materials like Arnitel® or Akulon® polyamide 6 could be the answer, contributing to sustainable packaging that protects the product and avoids waste.

Inventory management and storage is an increasing challenge in an industrialized world: With the right packaging, some industrial products could eventually be stored outside rather than in expensive warehouses?