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DSM in Packaging & Graphic Arts

Industrial packaging: How does it stack up?

The growth in business-to-business industrial packaging is set to boom as developing economies grow fast and consume more. Opportunities abound for those willing to think inside (and outside) the box.
Storage racks with pallets in indoor warehouse

An increasingly industrialized world means more products and components and that inevitably means more packaging – which needs to add as much value as possible.

Agriculture is one industry ripe for opportunity in smart packaging, as the world increasingly demands more fertilizers and chemicals to help grow crops. We see the use of nylon for multilayer film becoming more prevalent in the industry thanks to its excellent dimensional stability and lower carbon footprint, all the while providing excellent resistance to chemicals, punctures and abrasions.

Keeping out the water

Surprisingly, much of the industrial cargo travelling around the world between factories has minimal packaging.

With global shifts pointing to bigger, more complex and geographically wider transport and logistics chains, we believe there is a major opportunity for next-generation, intelligent packaging to protect high-value products from environmental degradation.

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