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Coating solutions for Consumer Goods

From refrigerators and washing machines to electronics (phones and computers) to electrical appliances like hairdryers, our family of high-performance coating resins are bringing new benefits to domestic appliances – for example by reducing VOCs through lower curing temperatures. But that’s just part of the story.

Over the years we’ve developed a broad technology toolbox that also includes waterborne and 100% UV resins – ideal for primers, base coats, and top coats and tailored to the needs of everything from the smallest gadget to increasingly high-tech white goods.

Powder is everywhere (where’s the resin?)

Our resins for powder-coated metal can be found in more intricate consumer applications than you’d think: A lot more applications:

Vending machines, electrical fans, hot water heaters, freezer cabinets, refrigerator liners, microwave cavities, washing machine tops and lids, gas cylinders, bicycles, cookware and grills, lawnmowers, sports equipment, fire extinguishers, light fixtures, transformers, electrical boxes, waste bins…the list is growing every day.

Powering the Battery revolution

The rise of everything from mobiles to electric cars means that developing durable and resilient new coatings for increasingly higher-powered batteries (and charging stations). These next-generation products require next-generation coatings – and resins – capable of working with substrates like Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) and aluminium.

Equally important, the coatings on these often-intricate and highly delicate electronic parts will need to be cured at lower temperatures.

It’s just one of the challenges that our technical team is exploring, and we need to solve it fast. For evidence of how fast this battery revolution is moving we need look no further than the winner of the 2017 DSM Bright Minds Challenge – an innovation for extending battery life that could revolutionize our society.

Food-grade powder coating resins

At DSM we produce powder coating resins that meet the strict requirements for food contact applications.

Our Uralac® F-grade resins are produced to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards for use in consumer applications that come into contact with food and drinking water – like refrigerator racks, food shelving, water pumps and boilers.

Specifically, they fulfil the requirements of the European regulations EC No 1935/2004 & EC No 2023/2006, which state that food contact articles must be safe and may not release substances in quantities that could endanger human health or deteriorate the taste and odor of the food.

Normally, extraction and/or migration tests are needed to determine the amount of organic material extracted from any coating – and this in turn very much depends on the coating ingredients being used (of which the resin is absolutely key).

For all independently conducted testing procedures we will provide our resins (under appropriate non-disclosure agreements) to the relevant institutes – thus enabling our customers to create quality coatings that meet the highest safety standards. 

Something’s ‘cooking’ in the kitchen

"Increasingly, our customers are finding that powder coating technology for metal delivers significant advantages in the domestic appliance segment.

In fact, our powder coating resins for kitchen appliances and white goods in particular are more economical and easy to coat, while delivering excellent durability and resistance to chemical and detergents.

Our resins are available in various polyester-epoxy hybrid grades and also deliver outstanding aesthetics including special-effect textures where dust collected on the surface is less visible – which means less cleaning.

Good for the consumer, good for the planet, and good for the coating industry."

Bart Hofstede, Technical Application Manager, Powder Coating Resins

Other markets

  • Building & Construction

    Interior & exterior decorative, flooring, joinery & façade, and concrete constructions.

  • Furniture

    Industrially produced wood and metal furniture for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Packaging

    Flexible packaging, plastic food packaging, cans & containers, paper and carton packaging.

  • General industrial

    ACE, Lawn & Garden, heavy construction, equipment and machine parts, metal fabrication and exercise equipment.

  • Vehicles

    Automotive applications including coatings for new cars and parts, plus vehicle refinishing.

  • Telecoms

    DSM is the world's leader for optical fiber coatings — a critical component of today's high-speed fiber networks.

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