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Coating resins for Vehicles

Mention the word ‘global’ and it’s difficult to think of an industry that fits the bill more than automotive. For our coating customers, maintaining quality and consistency across geographies while managing costs and meeting differing consumer demands and regulations is a tough road. But it’s a road that the global resins team at DSM is well equipped to help you travel. We have the technology toolbox (from waterborne to powder and two-component resins). We have the people. We know the regulations inside-out; and we understand the materials, whether traditional metal or the growing use of plastic - for new cars and parts or refinish.

In fact, at DSM we even have a dedicated automotive plastics business. Rest assured that in addition to our customers, we work closely with these colleagues to continue maximizing our knowledge of materials science to drive innovation – for example through a new generation of waterborne resins for vehicle basecoats.

Time for a one-coat interior?

“In the United States, plastic is an area where we’re seeing increasing interest for our waterborne resin technology, not least for soft-feel vehicle interiors – which of course have to resist everything from sun cream to hamburger fat. We especially see opportunities for coating customers to move to one-coat system that eliminates the need for a primer to create the adhesion. For example, our NeoRez® waterborne resin system really can unlock cost and efficiency savings while ensuring a fantastic finish.

The key point, however, is that at DSM we are not just a list of products that you pull off the shelf. Innovation is about collaboration and we work closely with our customers (and the industry in general) to tailor our technology toolbox for their precise needs – and of course, to make sure we're all steering in the right direction.”

Aaron Lockhart, DSM Industry Manager, US

Building on automotive materials knowledge

At DSM we create more than just resin systems. We produce a wide range of performance materials worldwide. Our Engineering Plastics business, for example, has worked hand-in-hand with OEMs for decades to create lighter, safer, greener, and more efficient cars.

This combined knowledge of materials science - and the automotive applications where it’s applied – helps us to continue moving the innovation needle away from two-component systems coating systems.

One example is the pressing need for the industry to reduce emissions. Painting is the most cost/energy intensive process in car manufacturing with the largest environmental footprint. One way that our coating resins can achieve this is through our family of powder-coating resins that deliver a fine finish but with reduced curing temperatures – saving both money and energy. 

Vehicles: Where’s the resin?

Today you can find our resins used to coat the following automotive applications:

Interior and exterior trim parts
Truck bodies (primer/surfaces)
Mirror frames, bumpers
Oil filters
Engine blocks and motor housings
Brake housings
Valve covers and shock absorbers
Coil springs
Door handles
Windshield wiper arms.        

Vehicle refinish

The best car refinishes are efficient, sustainable and durable. The only problem: Traditionally they consist of multiple layers, each with multiple properties and often based on a variety of resins - unless of course, you open up the DSM toolbox.

Our resin technology enables paint formulators to develop coatings that are fast drying, with excellent outdoor durability - and most importantly be applied as special multi-layered coatings. Whether you need solventborne or waterborne formats, it’s a simpler solution to an age-old problem.

Other markets

  • Building & Construction

    Interior & exterior decorative, flooring, joinery & façade, and concrete constructions.

  • Furniture

    Industrially produced wood and metal furniture for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Packaging

    Flexible packaging, plastic food packaging, cans & containers, paper and carton packaging.

  • General industrial

    ACE, Lawn & Garden, heavy construction, equipment and machine parts, metal fabrication and exercise equipment.

  • Consumer goods

    White goods (refrigerator, washing machines), electronics, and electrical appliances (hairdryers). 

  • Telecoms

    DSM is the world's leader for optical fiber coatings — a critical component of today's high-speed fiber networks.

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