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The standard in paint: made from plants

Plant-based paint is nothing new – in fact it’s been around for 17,000 years (long before even DSM existed). In more recent times we’ve seen a move from solventborne to waterborne resin and coating technology. But now, a new plant-based revolution is being ushered in by the bright minds at DSM.

Decovery® is a family of eco-friendly paint resins that contain anywhere from 30 to 50% plant-based content - with a 70% version already being prototyped.

Despite being made from corn, seeds, tree bark, castor beans and other agricultural waste (with very little effect on the food chain) our Decovery® resin delivers a performance that is at least equal to that of conventional acrylic paints, while enabling a carbon footprint reduction of up to 34%. Which is why our customers – and their customers – are now using Decovery® to deliver a fine, durable finish in everything from kid’s furniture to walls and wood.

Why choose Decovery® ?

  • Performance

    Decovery® gives you a performance equal to or exceeding traditional waterborne acrylic paints and alkyd paints.

  • Health

    Decovery® aims to reduce the levels of organic chemicals and other toxins in paint to ensure a safer, healthier environment.

  • Planet

    Fossil-based paints are a major cause of climate change. Which is why Decovery® contains mainly plant-based material.

Our portfolio

Today, Decovery® is already being used to create eco-friendly paint, lacquers and stains across a wide range of interior and exterior applications – with potential for many more. From building & construction to furniture, Decovery® resin delivers a durable, dependable performance. It’s easy to apply – for both professionals and regular consumers alike and comes in a variety of grades from low-to-zero VOCs, with between 30-50% plant content depending on the application.

Moments of truth: What next?

"What we’re doing now at Decovery® is actually re-inventing the chemistry of paint – which is fascinating, exhilarating (and of course a little anxious at times).

One of our main focus areas is research into potential new plants and green materials that we can turn into the building blocks we need to build the next generation of eco-friendly paint. In some ways we’re trying to mirror nature itself through our R&D efforts by ensuring a process of constant evolution. The minute you’re completely satisfied as a scientist…it’s probably time to look for a new profession!"

Tijs Nabuurs, Science Manager, Decovery®


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