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Solventborne resin technologies

Despite society’s clear need to move to more sustainable coating technologies, the reality is that (today at least) there’s still a place for solventborne systems in the coating industry – for example in ink resins for flexible food packaging, where solventborne technologies are currently the only ones capable of meeting the necessary drying requirements.

In which case, our team and the toolbox behind them do everything possible to minimize the effect of solvents and VOCs on people and our environment during the manufacturing process – by recycling coating solvents into energy for use in curing ovens. We’re convinced that one day we’ll have a 100% sustainable coatings industry. Until that day arrives, we’re solidly behind making solvents as safe as possible.

Acrylic resins

Our acrylic resins provide good adhesion to metal and are easy to formulate. Most importantly, our technical team continues to strive for ways to minimize environmental impact of all our solventborne chemistries by using a higher solid content and milder solvents – which makes them easier to recycle and incinerate. 


A new generation of environmentally benign solvent urethanes continues to fulfil an important function in the printing industry – for example in printing and packaging for applications that need to withstand rough treatment. They’re also flexible, with fast drying times enabling higher line speeds.

Solventborne polyesters

We still offer solventborne polyester resins for certain speciality applications.

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