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DSM in Paint & Coatings

Bright Future in Coatings

Sustainability and innovation are embedded in all our processes, at every level of the organization, all around the world. Through continuous innovation, our resins are genuinely transforming the coatings industry so that we, and our sector as a whole, have less of an impact on our environment.
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DSM has been ranked top in its sector in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index six times in the last nine years. This is no coincidence. With clearly defined innovation targets and significant annual investments in R&D, our aims is always to improve the sustainability of everything we do: our manufacturing processs, the footprint of the resins we make and the impact our resins have on the end product of our customer and further down the value chain. Our track record shows we are succcessful in doing so.

Our LCA studies

Our ambitions have a direct impact on our operations. We set ourselves some of the toughest sustainability goals in our industry. We scrupulously analyse the life cycles of our resin products, from cradle to grave. Apart from the nature of the resin, this includes the composition of the paint, application details, the amount of paint required to achieve its purpose, and its durability. The standards we use are recognised internationally so that we can measure our performance with respect to our peers. Here are a few examples of Life Cycle Assessment studies we have conducted that show our commitement and where we stand.