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DSM in Paint & Coatings

DSM in Fortune Magazine ‘Change the World’ list

The influential business magazine names DSM among top 50 companies worldwide whose businesses have positive social impacts that 'Change the World'. 

The 'Change the World' list, inaugurated in 2015, is intended to highlight the ways in which smart businesses and smart business leaders are harnessing the power of the profit motive to take on the world's toughest challenges in a sustainable way. 

DSM has been included in the magazine's global compendium of companies recognized for 'doing well by doing good' for 2016. DSM's strategy of creating value for all stakeholders simultaneously – what we refer to as the People, Planet, Profit approach – means that when we drive profitable growth, we foster economic prosperity, environmental progress and social advances at the same time.  

VP Corporate Sustainability Jeff Turner comments: "DSM's inclusion in Fortune Magazine's Change the World list is recognition of the fact that each and every one of us in this company works incredibly hard every day for a reason: what we do makes a real difference. There aren't many companies, particularly not of our scale, that are so successful in embedding sustainability into the heart of their business as we are at DSM. As a result, we are seen as credible leaders from industry in the forefront of advocating broad action on several fronts – healthy nutrition for all, climate change mitigation & renewable energy, and the circular economy.

The way we work together as colleagues, the values we share, and our drive to continuously improve our own societal and environmental impacts and to develop, market and successfully grow our 'Brighter Living Solutions' enable us to help make a brighter future for people around the world – and create a more sustainable and profitable future for our company."