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DSM in Paint & Coatings

Leather & Textiles coating resins

If there’s one area where the world has seen hugh developments in the last decade then it must be smart textiles. Don’t you love your ultra-thin, lightweight and breathable outdoor jacket? Feels almost like a second skin doesn’t it? This functionality is the result of textile materials treated with clever coatings. 
Textile coating resin on backpack

But also leather, one of the eldest natural materials available, is still improved in its quality, feel and longevity. And also this requires innovative coatings to feed and protect the leather, and preserve it’s warmth and rugid look after many years of use. 

At DSM we know our leather and textiles business. We make innovative and highly tailored resins that make some of the best coatings out there. Our customers know what we mean. Coatings made with DSM’s NeoRez® or  Solucote® resins answer all our customers needs.