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DSM in Paint & Coatings

Metal coating resins

No matter how tough the metal may be, it’s surface needs protection against rust. And since it needs a coat anyway, adding bright colors can create an immaculate look to it. Obviously our customers would like to do so with minimal coating layer thickness and environmental impact. So there’s quite some technology involved to make for that outdoor garden set or your washing machine. 
Metal coating in the automotive industry

We combine expertise in materials science and its application to produce innovative coating resins for the metal market. Our resins are used to cover primer, basecoat, interior and exterior coatings for numerous metal applications. With the ability to produce solvent borne, waterborne, powder and UV coating resins, we honestly can say to actively support almost all thinkable metal industries, like Automotive, Heavy machinery, Marine, General industry but also Can, Coil and Metal furniture.

DSM is a global market leader when it comes to resins for metal coatings. Our portfolio covers NeoCryl® and NeoRez® liquid resins as well as Uralac® powder resins. An extensive portfolio of unique products , supported by a greatly experienced  staff to support your needs.

So explore the possibilities of versatile our coating resins, or surprise us with a new challenge in metal coating development.