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DSM in Paint & Coatings

Discover Decovery®, a plant-based resin for paint

With consumers increasingly focused on environmental issues, plus the impact of stringent regulations from REACH, the EPA, and other environment and health care agencies, the market for green coatings is predicted to grow rapidly. As a leading paint manufacturer, you need to be at the forefront of this market trend. And now you can be: with Decovery® plant-based resin for paint. From DSM.

Next generation bio-paints and inks

Performance: Decovery® is an eco-friendly paint resin that outperforms other green resins to offer a true alternative to traditional waterborne and solvent borne paints. With Decovery®, you can manufacture the highest quality paints with health and sustainability benefits.

Sustainability: Decovery® is made with renewable materials (plant-based ingredients) to reduce our dependency on oil-based raw materials. It offers a circular economy solution by design.

Health: As a low-toxic resin, Decovery® employs safe ingredients and contains low levels of VOCs*. Result: Decovery® helps ensure a safer, healthier environment that is kinder to people throughout its lifetime.

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*Exact VOC levels vary with product type.

DSM's Decovery® resins for sustainable paints
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