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A revolution in sustainable paint

Hello. Welcome to the Decovery® webpages. 

Bright science has led us to a revolution in sustainable paint:
Decovery® is our novel plant-based resin technology platform for long lasting paints that enables us to change our environment without impacting it and which is not harmful for our health.

Decovery® is about performance, sustainability and health

We drive performance: Decovery® offers a new dimension to high performance. The performance versus existing fossil based paint has significantly improved. The resin enables our customers to make the highest quality paints.

We drive sustainability: Decovery® contains renewable materials (plant-based ingredients) and reduce the dependency on the fossil based raw materials by a circularity by design.

We drive health: Decovery® means low toxins. This leads to a safer, healthier environment, since it contains low VOCs* and uses safe ingredients.  It is gentle to people throughout its lifetime.

* Depending on product type

DSM's Decovery® resins for sustainable paints
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Decovery® resins for sustainable wall paints


The collaboration between ICA Group and DSM

The new horizon of environmental sustainability:
the collaboration between ICA Group and DSM. More>