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DSM in Paint & Coatings

Meet our partners

We are currently working with various partners to develop paints for other applications. A real example of shaping a sustainable coatings future. Together.

Maxeda DIY Group is a market leading DIY retailer that operates 376 stores across the Benelux with nearly 7,000 employees.  
Our Decovery® resins are successully used in Perfection® Green wall paint sold by Maxeda. 
Read what Berend van Wel, Group Assortment Director at Maxeda, says about Decovery®. 
Please click to go to their website here.

ICA Group is all about combining tradition and technological innovation in the manufacture of coatings for wood. With ICA Group, the renowned Italian manufacturing system is expressed through quality, style and the capacity to develop solutions that are ahead of the curve. A fruitful collaboration project with ICA has given rise to a new water-based coatings line for interiors called IRIDEA BIO. This is ICA Group's most recent technological breakthrough for a high-performance product which respects the environment and the well-being of the end consumer. Please read their latest news here.

Business opportunities

With the unique Decovery® product portfolio we aim at setting a new standard in sustainable paint. By working closely with our customers, we are able to make products that meet their needs in terms of performance and legislation – and beyond. Combining high performance with sustainability.

The possible uses for Decovery® are almost endless. That’s why we are eager to partner with paint manufacturers and develop together with them the next new application. This is a significant business opportunity, since sustainability is an increasingly desirable characteristic for both consumers and legislators. Customers that start developing today, will be in perfect position to make the most of the sustainable opportunities tomorrow. 

Decovery® plant-based resins offer the following benefits for the industry:

  • A new standard in performance combined with sustainability, meeting legislation and beyond
  • Meets or exceeds the performance of conventional paint
  • Inclusion of renewable materials
  • Safe ingredients


DSM's Decovery® resins for sustainable paints
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Our partners

DSM's Decovery® business partner Maxeda

DSM's Decovery® business partner ICA