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Retailing giant seizes Decovery® opportunity

A head start on the future by answering todays trends  

With more than 370 super-stores in the Benelux, the Maxeda DIY Group is the largest DIY retailer in the region. It employs more than 7,000 people who serve more than one million customers every week. So not surprisingly, the Group has developed a close understanding of how customer needs are changing today and where they are heading in the future. “Across all product lines in the DIY sector, it’s clear that consumers prefer sustainable products with ‘green’ credentials,” says Berend van Wel, Group Assortment Director at Maxeda. “But to justify the slightly higher price, any new sustainable product must out-perform its traditional rivals somehow. With Decovery we had the perfect opportunity to add extra performance in multiple ways.”

Maxeda will soon be selling the latest addition to its Perfection range of premium performance paints – ‘Perfection with Decovery’.  “All Perfection-line products need to be high-end paint,” says Berend. “With Decovery we able to develop a water-based paint that offers tangible performance benefits such as high durability, ease of application, and the need for just one coating. It’s also scrubbable.”

How did Maxeda learn about Decovery?

“We are always looking for new, better ways of producing our products,” says Berend. “And we know that DSM is at the forefront of many coating technologies – that’s why we have partnered with DSM many times over many years already. This close collaborative relationship was the reason we are among the first to find out and seize the Decovery opportunity. As soon as DSM started to make this innovative binder a reality, they informed us, and almost the next day our team of new product developers were talking with DSM’s people.” 

Co-development speeds time to market

“We knew that Maxeda needed a high performance product,” says Sjaak Griffioen, DSM’s Director Innovation, Strategy and Sustainability for Resins. “But we also wanted to maximise all  the possible differentiators, so we worked closely with Maxeda’s Own Brand paint suppliers, Ostendorf. We formulated and tested many different compositions, both at Ostendorf’s laboratories and our own. It took a few months but the results were absolutely worth it. Maxeda now has a water-based paint that is high on quality, low on odour. It is easy to apply, highly durable and easy to clean. What else would you want from a paint?”

“This is truly a unique product in the market,” says Berend. “One that is leading the charge on the future of paint. And it could only have been developed so quickly through a close cooperation and trust between Maxeda and DSM.”

And what about the sales curve?

“It’s still early days– too early to analyse the sales results,” says Berend. “But we are pleased. The paint has become a standard part of our assortment, proving that there is a customer demand for the product. Importantly, it is also laying the foundation for future avenues. But one of the biggest sources of pride for me in this project is the idea that now people can do something that is better for their homes and better for the environment as well.”

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