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DSM in Paint & Coatings

Case study:

Wet paints - a thing of the past for Austrian furniture maker

Austrian furniture maker Finima uses powder coatings such as Uralac® Ultra for their furniture. When Walter Schweiger, owner of the specialist furniture maker Finima by Schweiger GmbH, found out about the benefits from Uralac® Ultra to the environment he was very interested in the product. “ In the past we used a manual spray gun, loaded with wet paint, but the smell, dust and noise of this process is very unpleasant. On top of that there is untold harm to the environment. So when I found out about powder coatings and their non-toxin nature I was very interested indeed.”

Kitchen furniture coated with Uralac® Ultra

One-layer technology

“In particular, we were interested in IGP’s one-layer RAPID®Complete coating, which is based on DSM’s Uralac® Ultra technology. There are plenty of powder coatings available for wood and MDF furniture manufacturers, but we found only one that is a one-layer coating – without primer - which obviously increases productivity. At first, we were unsure of the quality of a one-layer coating, but DSM and IGP helped define the optimum layer thickness and curing parameters. It takes just three minutes at 130 °C for example, and the results are superb.”

IGP workshop accelerated adoption time

IGP clearly has a plenty of experience and expertise throughout the whole process of powder coatings – it’s even a ‘unique’ expertise when it comes to one-layer systems. To train Finima people, IGP held a one-day technical workshop at the MDF powder coating line at Finima. “Obviously, Finima were familiar with the basics of powder coatings,” says Jan Nühse, Team Leader Woodcoatings at IGP. “But the large range of parameters that affect the various aspects of the coating process means that there is a lot to master. For example, we showed how increasing the voltage in the electrostatic field by just 10kV affects powder delivery and improves quality. We also helped solve some practical challenges such as how to eliminate blistering on edges.”

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