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DSM in Paint & Coatings

Addressing the solvent borne coating and ink challenge

Solvent borne resin technologies are the traditional choice in the coatings and ink industry. DSM focusses on resins that have increased solids levels and reduce solvent volumes - without compromising on quality.
Solvent borne coating resins used in cars

Our NeoRez® and Uralac® solventborne resins are designed to balance performance against environmental concerns. In line with DSM’s sustainability drive, we only provide solventborne products where they are necessary to meet specific demands.

For instance in can coatings that allow consumers to enjoy an ice-cold soda straight from the fridge. Or printing inks used for multilayer packages so you can prepare your meal in the microwave safely. Here, solvent borne coatings are considered the best viable solution, whilst solvents are incinerated and the resulting energy is regenerated for the curing ovens.