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DSM in Paint & Coatings

DSM’s Energy curable resins technology: The future has started today

Energy curable resins provide one of the most sustainable, dynamic coating technologies on the market. Inks & coatings based on UV-curing resins enable high line speeds, instantaneous properties, and superb surface finishing’s.
UV coating resin used on wood

We are a specialty unit of DSM Coating Resins focusing on the Energy Curable Industry, one of the most sustainable and dynamic coating technologies available in the market. From our headquarters in Taiwan, we provide our products all over the globe with dedicated manufacturing sites and warehouses, technical support, and R&D centers, in Europe, US, China and Japan. 

Our broad portfolio of Energy Curable Resins consists of monomers, epoxy and polyester acrylates, acrylated and solid acrylics and amine acrylates. All products are sold under the AgiSyn™, NeoRad™ product ranges. 

The energy curable technology is used in many industrial applications. Nevertheless, it is a technology which still has many opportunities for innovation, not only to improve the performance in existing application areas, but also to take it to new markets.