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DSM in Personal Care

Taking Total Protection into the Blue

We’re so focused on protecting our skin in the sun, we rightly assume safety indoors. But if you use an electronic device such as a smart phone, tablet or similar, your skin might suffer from blue light effects.

Consumers are exposed to blue light every day, whether from the sun or electronic devices. Blue light penetrates deep into the skin and has the ability to damage all skin layers. Knowing consumers are looking for solutions that offer day-long total protection without affecting their activities, DSM is investigating in that area and taking total protection to the next level – into the blue.


By presenting and developing an innovative concept to fight against this blue light damage, we as DSM Personal Care ensure:

  • Scientific justification of this newly identified trend of blue light damage
  • Two complementing formulations for total protection, outdoor & indoor
  • Strong claim substantiation based on cutting edge technology: UV-filter(s) such as the newly introduced PARSOL® Max to block blue light, selective vitamins like Niacinamide PC to counteract oxidative stress and a new microalgae bioactive in the name of PEPHA®-AGE which stimulates skin’s own defense.

Let’s beat the blues: protect your skin from blue light damage!