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DSM in Personal Care

Beat the blues: protect your skin from blue light damage, indoors and outdoors

We’re so focused on protecting our skin in the sun, we rightly assume safety indoors. But if you use a phone, tablet or any electronic device, your skin might suffer from blue light.

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum that has a very short, high-energy wavelength. While 40% of it comes from the sun, 60% comes from electronic devices. Consumers are gradually becoming aware of its risks, but of the 40,000 skin care products that were launched last year, just nine claimed protection against blue light. DSM is investigating this area and has developed two new ‘In and Out’ formulations.


Our BCT (Beta Carotene Study) confirmed blue light to be a major source of oxidative stress at the skin’s surface. That’s why our newly developed formulations contain our UV-filter PARSOL® Max, our active PEPHA®-AGE and our vitamin active Niacinamide PC. All this shields the skin from blue light sources – indoors and outdoors.