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DSM in Personal Care

PARSOL®: Delivering the Power of UV Protection

At DSM we believe that selecting and combining UV filters to deliver targeted sun protection with a pleasant skin sensation is an art in itself.
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Crafted by our bright science, the PARSOL® portfolio offers a broad range of high performing UV-A and UV-B filters for skin and hair applications. We support our customers worldwide to create and launch formulations that deliver the synergistic power of PARSOL® UV protection to fulfill people’s sunscreen and day care needs across the entire SPF range.

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PARSOL® SLX: The first polymeric UV-B filter for superior skin feel and hair color protection

PARSOL® SLX is a silicone based UV-B absorber. This colorless-to-pale yellow viscous liquid integrates easily with the oil phase of sunscreen formulation. PARSOL® SLX is the first polymeric UV-B filter consisting of chromophores attached to a silicone backbone, and is an effective photostabilizer for PARSOL® 1789. When combined with PARSOL® HS this product can achieve a very good high SPF (>30), enabling day care or sunscreen formulations that leave a dry, silky touch on the skin. PARSOL® SLX added to rinse-off and leave-on hair products delivers multiple benefits including prevention of colour fading, gloss enhancement and conditioning.

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PARSOL® TX: The inorganic UV filter with best formulation compatibility

PARSOL® TX, fully compliant with latest SCCS opinions on nano form of titanium dioxide, is an inorganic UV filter specifically developed for use with our PARSOL® 1789. PARSOL® TX consists of a 100% rutile –type titanium dioxide (TiO2) core with a double-tight coating of silica and dimethicone. PARSOL® TX provides very good SPF performance and significant UVA protection. It also offers a high transparency in formulations, and is compatible with acrylate thickeners. PARSOL® TX is approved worldwide.

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PARSOL® 1789: The original global standard for UVA protection

PARSOL® 1789 is a strong and efficient UV-A absorber for sunscreens, day care products and various other applications: It enables broadband protection when combined with effective UV-B filters - and can also boost SPF values. PARSOL® 1789 is an oil-soluble, white-to-pale yellow powder that must be completely solubilized in formulations. It works with a range of solubilizers including the UV-B filters PARSOL® 340, PARSOL® EHS, PARSOL® MCX, and many emollients; PARSOL® 1789 should be photostabilized with PARSOL® 340 or another photostabilizer. This product is approved worldwide in various concentrations.