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DSM in Personal Care

Pioneering Vitamins in the Cause of Beauty 

DSM has been pioneering the industrial production of vitamins ever since their discovery a century ago and can now proudly claim the top spot as the world’s leading supplier of these vital nutrients.
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Very early on we recognized the importance of vitamins for the beauty industry, and for decades have been investing heavily in cosmetic science targeting the application of vitamins across the whole spectrum of beauty products. Today our portfolio offers the complete range of vitamins, enabling our customers to deliver state of the art beauty products.

Building on the unparalleled awareness and trust vitamins already enjoy among consumers, all our vitamins now come with the DSM Quality for LifeTM seal. This guarantees top quality, total reliability, and complete traceability, for perfect peace of mind.

And since sustainability is a high priority for all stakeholders in the beauty industry, we are constantly working to improve the environmental footprint of our vitamin production – with remarkable success. In fact, our Quali® E vitamins have the lowest carbon footprint in the world!

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Vitamin E: Antioxidant to create and protect alluring skin every day

Vitamin E is the most widely used active ingredient in Personal Care. Its central role in Personal Care is that of a strong antioxidant, capturing free oxygen radicals generated by exposure to UV-light or pollution and preventing further damage. It reduces inflammation and improves the photoprotection provided by sunscreens as a biological second line of defence against UV induced premature skin again.  Vitamin E is available in two forms: In the form of tocopheryl acetate (dl- Tocopheryl Acetate), vitamin E is extremely stable in formulations. More>


NIACINAMIDE PC: For flawless, resilient skin and a radiant complexion

NIACINAMIDE PC works to help rebalance pigmentation, refine pores and improve skin elasticity and resilience. NIACINAMIDE PC can enhance the efficacy of products designed for blemished, dry & sensitive and mature skin, while recent evidence of its potential help in protecting UV-stressed skin confirms it once more as the ideal candidate for all day care and sun care products. More>


STAY-C 50: The all-round beauty solution for skin so beautiful it glows

STAY-C 50 is a powerful in-vivo anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger but our studies have proven that its efficacy profile is by far broader. It works for a better looking skin tone. It reduces the appearance of skin blemishes and acne not only experienced by teenagers but also by adults. More>


Retinol GS50: Revealing the power of younger-looking skin

Retinol GS50 is a highly potent and multifunctional anti-ageing ingredient. Beauty editors don't get tired to highlight the superior efficacy of Retinol and thus have nourished its popularity and consumer awareness. Retinol GS 50 works across all major skin needs including anti-ageing, epidermal (CORNEOCARE) and skin tone. More>


RADIANCE CR: For a radiant look and an appealing skin tone

RADIANCE CR is a patent-granted active Vitamin complex with proven efficacy. Results of in vivo studies have demonstrated visble reduction of age spots and lightening of skin tone, rduction of wrinkles and smoothening of the skin surface. Further an enhanced recovery after skin barrier damage. More>