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A new solution for rotomolding monolayer tanks

Creating sustainable yet durable rotomolding (RTM) monolayer engine tanks for off-road vehicles has traditionally been a challenge for manufacturers. But not any more thanks to ICORENE® 7620 FUEL LOCK – a solution developed with our partners ICO Polymers and based on our industry leading Akulon® Fuel Lock polyamide 6 technology. 
akulon fuel lock rotomolding

ICORENE® 7620 FUEL LOCK for rotomolding monolayer tanks have a permeation level that’s five times lower than the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) limit. It offers manufacturers the proven processing benefits of polyamide 6 - including outstanding strength and modulus, along with a good high melt temperature.

Specifically, ICORENE® 7620 FUEL LOCK removes the need for after-treatment procedures – particularly the environmentally challenging fluorination process. 

What’s more, the monolayer solution further increases the efficiency of both equipment and processes during the production by eliminating the need for complex multi-layer concepts. In use, the monolayer solution helps provide a durable barrier performance that lasts above and beyond the required liability period of five years.

The ICORENE® 7620 FUEL LOCK is based on our Akulon Fuel Lock concept, which reduces evaporative emissions from small engine fuel tanks by more than 99% in regular passenger vehicles - far exceeding the regulations set out by both the EPA and the California Air Resources Board (CARB).