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Processing: Film

Our Akulon® portfolio delivers a wide range of processing benefits in film extrusion – all grades are designed to give maximum performance on the line. We also offer a reduced crystallization grade for a more stretchy film.

Akulon XS PA6 with reduced christalization rate

Our Akulon XS grade delivers unique processing characteristics thanks to its low crystallization rate.

The material offers improved stretching, particularly for Biaxially Oriented Film (BOPA) and in applications like sausage casings that require shrink film.

Akulon XS also provides better thermoforming and transparency, as well as improved processing in blown film through improved bubble stability, increased BUR and less curling in non-symmetrical film.

However, its benefits extend beyond film. In fibers and filaments, Akulon XS enables less improved tenacity, drawability, processing and transparency – as well as better surface qualities for injection molding.

Akulon C2 and E2: Reducing deposits in the die

Reducing deposits in the die and on the die is essential for efficient processing in film extrusion – which is why we developed specific grades of Akulon to help improve quality and reduce the downtime needed for die cleaning.

Akulon C2 and E2 grades keep the die cleaner for longer with up to 50% less downtime. Added to this productivity benefit, film made with these grades is higher quality: There are less die lines, plus less likelihood of melt fracture – enabling higher productivity (for example a longer screen life and no need for PPA).

Processing guidelines

Processing guidelines can be found on  (check the ‘Description’ tabsheet).