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Arnite® for windscreen wiper housings

Our Arnite® T thermoplastic is proving a major hit the automotive industry for use in rear windscreen wiper housings. It reduces production and assembly time as well as lowering vehicle weight - which is why automotive player Valeo is using the material for use in a range of Ford vehicles.
Windscreen wipper reflection

Automotive manufacturers are constantly looking to do more with less – and that applies to windscreen wiper housings. Like all other parts of the car, the goal is to reduce weight, costs and environmental impact – enter Arnite TV8 260.

Compared to conventional die-cast or sheet metal alternative materials, Arnite housings use less space, require fewer parts and associated assembly processes (including molding cycle time), and allow manufacturers to broaden their horizons with new options for sculpted, space-constrained vehicle designs.

Furthermore Arnite’s lower density can reduce material usage by up to 13 percent compared with other thermoplastics. In fact, wiper assemblies encased in Arnite TV8 260 pass fatigue, creep, snow block and endurance tests. Hence the reason automotive supplier Valeo is now using Arnite for a new range of Ford vehicles.