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Future-proof your roof – with Arnitel

A new generation of monolithic roof membranes designed using our Arnitel® Thermoplastic Copolyester Elastomer (TPC) is helping the building industry create a product that lasts longer and gives building owners increased peace of mind…

The roofing industry is increasingly striving to employ roofing underlayers that protect the roof structure for the entire lifetime of the building.

Today, Arnitel is empowering roofers to achieve this goal thanks to its outstanding heat performance, solid UV resistance and excellent breathability – all of which enables superior ageing performance that meets all current and future building requirements.

Improve roofing performance

In fact, monolithic roof membranes made with Arnitel are proven to perform better than conventional microporous membranes; while they also provide straightforward and cost-effective processing compared to roofing membranes with TPU.

And all this while enabling buildings to maximize their energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint – which we believe makes this material truly worth building a future with…