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Satellite 2017

Washington D.C.

06 Mar 2017 to 09 Mar 2017

Dyneema® experts are present at Satellite 2017, the largest the largest and most important global satellite technology event of the year that unites aerospace thought leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, engineers, end-users and enthusiasts together.

You can find our experts at the Phasor Inc. booth: 1743

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About Phasor

Phasor offers a unique value proposition to the several aeronautical satellite broadband services markets. An aero antenna using Phasor technology is thin, conformal, and very-high gain. It can be scaled to suit the requirement, which allows for broadband networking while in-flight.

Business jet owners and operators have limited options for data connectivity during flight. Current data on the move is slow and expensive.

Phasor has developed state-of-the-art high-power communications-on-the-move antenna systems with a flat & conformable form factor. They have chosen Dyneema® as the best-performing radome solution.

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