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How EN388 : 2016 can help you make the best choice


EN388 is the European standard to classify protective gloves according to their resistance against mechanical risks. Learn more about the EN388:2016 revisions and how it impacts the selection of personal protective equipment across industries where worker’s hands are at risk.

How EN388 : 2016 can help you make the best choice

Learn more about the criteria needed to select proper hand protection by downloading the below infographic on the EN388 cut standards. It takes into account cut protection, but also other important criteria like abrasion resistance, dexterity, longevity, and comfort.

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Update to EN388 European standard

A revision to the EN388 standard for gloves giving protection from mechanical risks, including cuts, will increase the accuracy and reliability of cutting tests on higher resistance materials. 

The update will help specifiers obtain the levels of cut resistance they need.

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Concerning Hand Protection Against Mechanical Risks

Revisions 2016 to EN388 Standard