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Stronger yet lighter Mooring & Tow Ropes

Handle bigger vessels faster and safer, with fewer crew

Mooring ropes and tow ropes with Dyneema® SK78 sets the performance benchmark. But the industry must also cut costs. They're lighter, stronger, and easier to handle than alternatives. Plus safer and more durable too.

Secure the giants of the oceans

Ropes made with Dyneema® SK78 last longer in demanding environments. They're ideal for handling oil and gas tankers, container ships, bulk cargo ships, naval vessels, and cruise ships.

  • Faster mooring operations
  • Consistent high quality from each and every fiber in the rope
  • Less accidents with limited rope backlash

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PT Indo Straits: No breakages in two years

PT Indo Straits wanted mooring lines that would last at least a year. Their first HMPE rope failed in one week. But that rope wasn’t made with Dyneema®.

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So you think all HMPE is the same?

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LNG tanker tie-ups made faster, safer, easier

Today's shipping industry is defined by bigger vessels that need to operate more efficiently. Quick turnaround times are important, as are operational costs. As the crew of the Maran Gas Coronis testify, choosing the right ropes can boost operational efficiency and worker safety.

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World’s biggest salvage job all tied up with Dyneema®

Our fiber solutions helped secure the Costa Concordia during the parbuckling operation of the ill-fated cruise ship. They also held her in place as the operation entered its final phase. Read more about the use of OTS ropes made with Dyneema® in this Tug&OSV article about the Costa Concordia salvage operation.

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ShoreTension System leverages mooring lines with Dyneema®

The ShoreTension System keeps big ships securely and reliable tied up at the quay - whatever the weather conditions throw at it. This delivers substantial advantages for both safety and operational efficiency.

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Where to buy

Only mooring & tow ropes made with Dyneema® bear the Dyneema® diamond. Only our licensed partners make them. Find your mooring & tow ropes with Dyneema® by clicking on one of our official partners, below.

The Greenest Strength™

How does choosing Dyneema® help the environment? Together with partners in the value chain our vision is to help establish a circular economy case for ropes in the maritime industry.

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