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Case Study Andromeda with Dyneema®

Greek Aquaculture company Andromeda chooses cage nets made with Dyneema®

Fish farming in the Mediterranean focuses mainly on sea bream and sea bass. It’s a crucial part of the local economy, and Greek company Andromeda is one of the top five players.

Commercial fishing with Dyneema® nets

The company first started using netting made from Dyneema® almost five years ago. Today it has over 80 nets with Dyneema® installed. “Our experience is that nylon nets show a steep decline in performance after some years. In contrast, nets with Dyneema® only lose strength gradually over time,” says Antonis Raftopoulos, Purchasing Manager at Andromeda. “They are worth the investment as they lead to overall savings of 10 to 15%.”

George Tzamalis, Production Supervisor at Andromeda, says: “When using a clean net from Dyneema®, the fish grow faster and better. We have no hard proof that nets made from Dyneema® harvest more biomass, but our feeling is that they translate into a 3 to 5% benefit over nylon nets.”

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