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Low-profile Civilian Vehicle Armor

Lightweight protection for high-value targets

With a range of lightweight yet strong material grades, Dyneema® ballistic solutions are ideal for armoring civilian vehicles. The result is maximum strength protection that doesn't add excessive weight or attract unwanted attention.

As used by police and military

Dyneema® solutions for civilian vehicles are high strength with low weight. This makes it easier to armor vehicles that were never designed for it, and reduces the performance penalty.

  • Less need to upgrade engine, suspension, and steering 
  • Lower impact on performance and handling 
  • Discreet, practical, maximum strength protection

Discover our vehicle protection technologies

DSM Dyneema is again revolutionizing vehicle armor with the lightest materials ever seen in the industry: Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology. It's a radical step change in armor innovation.  

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Discover our ballistic grades

Dyneema® ballistic materials are available in a wide variety of grades for various requirements and conditions. We have what you need. See how we can help you here.  

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