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High performance Ship & Boat Armor

Maintain ballistic integrity in water

Dyneema® is used in Hard Ballistic (HB) panels to protect everything from small patrol boats to large frigates. Impervious to salt water, Dyneema® is buoyant and resistant to UV exposure, and it maintains its ballistic integrity when wet.

Superior protection versus other solutions

In patrol boats and interceptors, Dyneema® protects naval personnel, police, and customs officers from the threats presented by terrorists, pirates, smugglers, and enemy forces.

  • Excellent protection against a wide range of ballistic threats 
  • Up to 40% lighter than aramid enhances speed and handling 
  • Dyneema® material floats and doesn’t absorb water

Discover our vehicle protection technologies

DSM Dyneema is again revolutionizing vehicle armor with the lightest materials ever seen in the industry: Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology. It's a radical step change in armor innovation.  

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When every kilo counts

Forget everything you thought you knew about ballistic vehicle armor. The introduction of Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology makes it all out of date. Fusing breakthrough polymer science, next generation fiber technology, and unique uni-directional engineering to deliver the very best in ballistic protection, Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology is a radical innovation in armored protection for land vehicles, aircraft, and boats.

When every kilo counts

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Discover our ballistic grades

Dyneema® ballistic materials are available in a wide variety of grades for various requirements and conditions. We have what you need. See how we can help you here.  

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Get in touch with our Military & Law Enforcement experts

Get advice on how Dyneema® could optimize your business.