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The Science Behind Dyneema®

Meet our scientists

Find out more about The Science Behind Dyneema®. Read our cases, dowload scientific articles about Dyneema® and contact our scientists.

Our Scientific Cases

Find out more about The Science Behind Dyneema®. Read our cases and dowload scientific articles about Dyneema®

Strength Investigation of Synthetic Link Chains

Breakthrough technologies always raise questions. In the case of synthetic link chains made with Dyneema®, the question is whether they really are as reliable as their steel equivalents. So DSM Dyneema ran some extra tests… 

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Dyneema® Anti Stab Technology

Despite being on the market for many years, the portfolio of Life Protection did not include an ‘anti-stab’ material yet. Discover how sharp thinking led to extra protection.

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Dyneema/Carbon Composite

Carbon fiber composites are used to make high performance road cars and Formula 1 racing cars Discover how Dyneema® can make the potential gains of carbon fiber even greater.

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Thermal Behavior of UHMW-PE

Recent years have seen a massive growth in the use of ropes made with Dyneema® to replace steel wire ropes. One by one, hurdles have been overcome, new standards set, and new applications made possible.

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Black Dyneema®

Dyneema® fiber has only ever been available in its natural color, white. Which is not an issue for many applications. Unless, that is, you manufacture protective gloves or operate a fish-farm. Or make car seatbelts, ballistic vests, fishing line or cycling shorts. In these cases and others, you probably want a black colored Dyneema®.

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