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Roel Marissen, Dyneema® Engineer


"I am fascinated by strong materials: to understand how they break and to make them even stronger."

What drives me

I am the ‘house inventor’ for improved Dyneema® grades and their processing and applications. Understanding the material behavior and knowing the limits of this understanding is key to the invention process.

Eureka moment

When the Dyneema® Diamond Technology turned out to be effective. 

Rope Breakage Behaviour Of Dyneema® vs Steel Wire Rope

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Research & Technologies

My fields are Fracture Mechanics and Processing Technology. In the past I also worked in or researched the fatigue of materials, fiber metal laminates and the development of testing equipment. For Dyneema I apply this (currently or in the past) in the following technologies:

Upcoming presentation or lectures

Ongoing contributor to composite courses at the Delft University of Technology

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