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Dyneema® Fiber

Simply the world's strongest fiber

Dyneema® is a super-strong fiber. Available in white and as Black Dyneema®, it is made from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and offers maximum strength with minimum weight. This makes the number of possible applications virtually unlimited.

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The Dyneema® secret

Dyneema® is produced in a patented gel spinning process in which the fibers are drawn, heated, elongated, and cooled. Stretching and spinning leads to molecular alignment, high crystallization, and low density. Dyneema® has extremely long molecular chains that transfer load more effectively to the polymer backbone. So it's stronger at the same weight or lighter at the same strength than alternatives.

  • Up to 15 times stronger than steel (weight for weight basis)
  • Up to 40% stronger than aramids (weight for weight basis)
  • Floats on water and resistant to moisture, UV, chemicals

Dyneema® technology platforms

Dyneema® Fiber is available in a wide range of grades and forms the basis for three Technology Platforms to serve a wide range of applications and industries. These platforms are Dyneema® Diamond Technology, Dyneema® XBO Technology, and Dyneema® Max Technology.

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