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Dyneema® Carbon

You've tried hybrid composites before. What happens when you add Dyneema® to carbon?

Dyneema® Carbon hybrid composites is a hybrid of pure carbon and Dyneema® fiber. Carbon fiber is known for its lightweight strength and stiffness, and has transformed sports automotive and aerospace markets. Let’s take it to the next level.

A higher level hybrid

Dyneema® has complementary properties to pure carbon fiber:

Less vibration
Pure carbon is stiff and transmits energy. Dyneema® absorbs it. For ball-sports this means a more comfortable strike as vibrations are absorbed by the equipment, not the player.

More ductile
Pure carbon shatters with excessive impact. Dyneema® Carbon hybrid composite is more ductile and can be shatterproof. Making components more reliable, and safer.

Dyneema® Carbon hybrid composite is lighter than pure carbon. When every gram counts it enables weight reduction to be achieved without compromising on performance.

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Dyneema® Carbon potential applications

Sports equipment and components that already use carbon fiber can improve ductility and reduce vibrations by working with Dyneema® Carbon hybrid composites. For example all high impact ball sports equipment such as tennis racquets, golf clubs and hockey sticks can reduce vibration for player feel.
Components in motorsports, cycling and sailing that shatter in accidents can be made more ductile, maintaining their structural integrity and improving comfort and safety for the athletes.

Dyneema® Carbon hybrid composites can contain different amounts of Dyneema® to adjust the precise balance of impact strength, vibration dampening, and weight.

Designing with Dyneema® Carbon

Dyneema® is combined with carbon fiber to make a fabric that can be tailored to meet a variety of performance requirements.

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