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Dyneema® Anti Stab Technology

A major advance in weight, comfort, and freedom of movement

Dyneema® technologies are raising the protection benchmark. They are evolving life protection by meeting ballistic and anti-stab performance standards with significantly lighter, more comfortable, and more ergonomic solutions compared with aramids, ceramics, or other materials.

A new generation of stab-resistant, knife-resistant vests

Dyneema® Anti Stab Technology is a breakthrough innovation that delivers a major advance in the overall weight, comfort and freedom of movement offered by anti-stab vests. The result is maximum protection against attacks involving knives, broken glass and improvised knives and blades.

  • Create protective vests that are up to 25% lighter and thinner
  • Exceptional flexibility and comfort
  • Combine Dyneema® technologies for ultimate multi-threat protection

Sharp thinking: Dyneema® Anti Stab Technology

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Innovation in anti-stab protection has lagged for more than a decade.

But no longer, thanks to Dyneema® Anti Stab Technology. Watch the video and experience this revolutionary technology. Get the facts, see how it performs compared to aramids, see why it is setting new standards in anti-stab protection.

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Dyneema® Multi-threat level protection

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Multi-threat protection

Multi-threat protection body armor made with Dyneema® Anti Stab Technology and Dyneema® Soft Ballistics delivers next generation high performance stab and ballistic protection at a lighter weight, with unmatched flexibility and comfort that meets the current and future needs of law enforcement officers and military personnel engaged in urban operations.

Dyneema® in anti-stab protection

Discover how Dyneema® Anti Stab Technology is being used to create the ultimate stab-resistant vests.

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