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Dyneema® XBO Technology

Superior bending performance

Rope made with HMPE fiber already outperforms other synthetic fibers in bending performance. But to get on par with specialty steel wire rope’s bending performance, we developed XBO Technology.

Longer service life under extreme bending conditions

Dyneema® XBO Technology significantly extends the service life of HMPE ropes under extreme bending conditions. Tests by Huisman Equipment and DSM have shown that ropes with Dyneema® XBO Technology perform similarly to steel wire in 50 mm bend fatigue tests, which is significantly better than a rope made from plain HMPE fiber.


Replace large-diameter steel wire rope

The potential of using ropes with Dyneema® is further underlined by the findings of the SIRIUS JIP testing program run by DNV, Samson Rope, Technip, Subsea7, and DSM Dyneema. This explored the bend fatigue performance of large – 100 mm diameter – fiber ropes made with Dyneema® on small diameter sheaves. The results showed a slightly better fatigue life for the engineered fiber ropes tested at higher safety factors compared to multi-strand steel wire ropes. This indicates that large diameter fiber ropes on sheaves could also be used in subsea deployment systems containing active heave compensation.


Dyneema® Fiber grades and technology platforms

Within the Dyneema® Fiber category, we offer a wide choice of fiber grades and three technology platforms: Dyneema® Diamond Technology for cut resistant gloves, Dyneema® Max Technology for creep-resisitant ropes for permanently loaded applicatations, like mooring offshore platforms, and Dyneema® XBO Technology for.


Dyneema® technology platforms

Discover how Dyneema® XBO Technology is being used to create new generations of pulling wire, crane wire, seismic rope

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