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Police Security Expo, the industry's longest running "product based" showcase

Atlantic City, New Jersey

28 Jun 2016 to 29 Jun 2016

DSM Dyneema will be present at Police Security Expo, booth 1437, on June 28 & 29 in Atlantic City. Attendees are able to experience our latest technology, Dyneema® Fabric, which is also being demonstrated in new laser-cut carrier vest from customer Point Blank Enterprises.

Dyneema® Next-generation armor technology at Police Security Expo

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Dyneema®. Next generation armor technology

Dyneema® is used in ballistic helmets, vests, shields and inserts to protect against a wide range of ballistics threats. Personal Armor, made with Dyneema®, help safeguard soldiers, law enforcement officers, commercial pilots, and high-profile civilians. For all these people, armor with Dyneema® technology provides maximum protection in a lighter, flexible solution that enhances comfort, mobility, and efficiency.

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