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SMM, the leading international maritime trade fair

Hamburg, Germany

06 Sep 2016 to 09 Sep 2016

So you think all HMPE is the same?

Achieve up to 4 times higher service life with Dyneema® SK78. Mooring ropes with Dyneema® SK78 massively outperform alternative ropes in abrasion and creep lifetime comparisons, without sacrificing strength and reliability.

Meet our partners at SMM & find out how ropes with Dyneema® SK78 reduce costs while ensuring the safety of your crew and fleet.

Same strength ≠ same service life

Dyneema® massively outperforms all generic HMPE in abrasion and creep lifetime comparisons. Mooring ropes made with Dyneema® SK78 are ideal for handling LNG tankers.

In order to be as strong as a high quality rope with Dyneema® SK78, a generic HMPE rope has to adapt the rope construction by increasing the lay length of the strands and increasing the braid period of the rope. As a consequence, the combination of the rope construction and the intrinsic generic HMPE performance reduces the service life thus increasing costs.

Trusted strength

When measured, Dyneema® SK78 matches its claimed strength of 35 cN/dtex, while other generic HMPE fibers show significant variation, being up to 22% lower in strength.

At DSM Dyneema, consistent quality is a core driver within our manufacturing process. HMPE fibers from DSM Dyneema have consistent quality with each supply, thus securing the high quality of the products made from them.

Learn why not all HMPE is the same

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Only Dyneema® delivers consistent quality & reliability

Dyneema® has the most uniform fiber thickness when compare with generic HMPE fiber. Choosing Dyneema® ensures you have the best and most stable performance characteristics in your rope.


PT Indo Straits: No breakages in two years

PT Indo Straits wanted mooring lines that would last at least a year. Their first HMPE rope failed in one week. But that rope wasn’t made with Dyneema®.

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Meet our partners at SMM 2016, Hamburg.

Booth Nr.
Bexco Hall A1 Stand 130
Hall B2 Stand 245
Gleistein Ropes
Hall A1 Stand 424
Lankhorst Ropes Hall A1 Stand 506
Samson Rope (represented by Scanunit AB) Hall B3 Stand 115

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